ECOOP 2018
Mon 16 - Sat 21 July 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
co-located with ECOOP and ISSTA

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Mathias Payer

Mathias Payer

… …

Morley Mao

Morley Mao

University of Michigan

… I am a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Michigan. I received my B.S., M.S., and Ph.D degree all from University of California at Berkeley. I am a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award …

Oege de Moor

Oege de Moor

… …

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Symbolic Execution and Probabilistic Reasoning

Summer School People: Corina Pasareanu

… Symbolic execution is a systematic program analysis technique which explores multiple program behaviors all at once by collecting and solving symbolic path conditions over program paths. The technique has been recently extended …

Compiler Verification for a Multi-Language World

Summer School People: Amal Ahmed

… Verified compilers are typically proved correct under severe restrictions on what the compiled code may be linked with, from no linking at all to linking with only the output of the same compiler. Unfortunately, such assumptions don’t …

Learning to Accelerate Symbolic Execution via Code Transformation

Research Papers People: Junjie Chen, Wenxiang Hu, Lingming Zhang, Dan Hao, Sarfraz Khurshid, Lu Zhang

… accelerate symbolic execution for any program do not exist at all. Therefore …, outperforming the default KLEE configurations (i.e., turning on/off all compiler … improvement rate on all programs is 46.48%/88.92% in terms of line coverage …

Definite Reference Mutability

Research Papers People: Ana Milanova

… . Our results show that approximately 86.5% of all potentially mutable …

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. This requires an environment that enables all to participate without fear of harassment … thereof).

All communication should be appropriate for a technical audience …

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Summer School

… the week. Each lecture is free to all registered participants. The lectures run … that describes how much you would need to be able to come. We encourage all the students …


… .

The workshop will have a joint program committee peer-reviewing all the submissions … Publication and Simultaneous Submissions.

All papers must be prepared in ACM …

Student Volunteers

… to premier international conference covering all areas of object technology … registration, offering access to all open sessions (i.e., parallel paper presentations …

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ECOOP 2018 Homepage

… , and students to share their ideas and experiences in all topics related …