ECOOP 2018
Sun 15 - Sat 21 July 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
co-located with ECOOP and ISSTA 2018
Sat 21 Jul 2018 11:50 - 12:15 at Zurich II - Static Analysis Chair(s): Karim Ali

Reference immutability type systems such as Javari and ReIm ensure that a given reference cannot be used to mutate the referenced object. These systems are conservative in the sense that a mutable references may not be truly mutable, but mutable due to approximation.

In this paper, we present ReM (for definite Re[ference] M[utability]). It separates potentially mutable references into (1) definitely mutable, and (2) maybe mutable, i.e., references whose mutability is due to inherent approximation. In addition, we propose a CFL-reachability system for reference immutability, and prove that it is equivalent to ReIm/ReM, thus building a novel framework for reasoning about correctness of reference immutability type systems. We have implemented ReM and applied it on a large benchmark suite. Our results show that approximately 86.5% of all potentially mutable references are definitely mutable.

Sat 21 Jul
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11:00 - 12:40: ECOOP Research Papers - Static Analysis at Zurich II
Chair(s): Karim AliUniversity of Alberta
ecoop-2018-papers11:00 - 11:25
Research paper
Yannis SmaragdakisUniversity of Athens, George KastrinisUniversity of Athens
ecoop-2018-papers11:25 - 11:50
Research paper
John TomanUniversity of Washington, Seattle, Dan GrossmanUniversity of Washington
DOI Pre-print
ecoop-2018-papers11:50 - 12:15
Research paper
Ana MilanovaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
ecoop-2018-papers12:15 - 12:40
Research paper
Neville GrechUniversity of Athens, George KastrinisUniversity of Athens, Yannis SmaragdakisUniversity of Athens